Experience Singapore in Bengaluru: Dive into SOBHA Sentosa Luxury Living

Bengaluru-Singapore Fusion Luxury Location & Lifestyle

Firstly, delve into a world where Singapore’s charm seamlessly meets Bengaluru’s vibrancy at SOBHA Sentosa, Bengaluru-Singapore Fusion Luxury. Positioned on Panathur Main Road, these 3 BHK luxury apartments, ranging from 1507 to 1804 Sq. ft., start at just INR 1.5 Cr. Moreover, it’s more than a residence; it’s a gateway to a distinctive lifestyle.

A Slice of Singaporean Elegance

Furthermore, SOBHA Sentosa isn’t merely a residence. Rather, it’s an urban sanctuary that echoes the allure of Singapore. Here, residents immerse themselves in a community infused with top-tier amenities. Consequently, this mirrors the lively spirit of the island nation.

Dive into Luxury Amenities

  • Moonlight Theatre: For instance, indulge in cinematic wonders beneath the starlit sky.
  • Butterfly Park & Merlion Pool: Likewise, witness the fusion of nature’s beauty with iconic Singaporean landmarks.
  • Multi-Court & Reflexology Trail: Additionally, stay active, rejuvenated, and attuned to your well-being.
  • Supertree Grove: Notably, find solace in a green haven inspired by Singapore’s iconic Supertrees.

Your Queries Answered of Bengaluru-Singapore Fusion Luxury

  • Starting Price? To begin with, kickstart your luxury journey from INR 1.5 Cr.
  • Space to Roam? Equally important, delight in vast surroundings spanning 7.5 acres of prime land.
  • When’s the Grand Reveal? As a result, Phase 1 aims for completion by June 2026, followed by Phase 4 by December 2027.
  • Total Apartments? In total, join a vibrant community with 533 luxury apartments.
  • Apartment Configuration? Moreover, relish in spacious 3 BHK layouts crafted for contemporary living.



Unparalleled Facilities Await

While the amenities listed captivate, SOBHA Sentosa goes above and beyond. Specifically, from serene Botanical Gardens to dynamic Futsal Courts, a plethora of options await, ensuring each resident discovers their ideal haven.

Embrace the Confluence of Bengaluru and Singapore

In conclusion, Wecorp presents SOBHA Sentosa a harmonious fusion of Bengaluru’s essence with Singapore’s elegance. Consequently, seize the chance to secure your luxurious retreat at SOBHA Sentosa today.

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